About Market Research Laos

To demonstrate its commitment to raising the country's profile among investors, the government opened Laos' first stock exchange in 2011. Then, in late 2012, the World Trade Organization (WTO) approved Laos' application as a member, paving the way for further global integration when the country joins the world trade body in 2013. Additionally, in recent years, the country has become a regional player in electricity markets, supplying neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and China with hydroelectric power. Finally, the manufacturing sector has emerged as an increasingly important part of the economy, now accounting for approximately 20% of the country's GDP and growing at an average of 12% per year over the past two decades.

With these facts in mind, it is easy to see that Laos is a potentially attractive market for investors. Our team excels in tracking market trends and activities in the country, and do thorough research in order to give sound business advice to our clients.


Michael Sieburg

Michael is Manager for the Vietnam office. With 5 years of experience working and studying in Vietnam, Michael has led market entry, market growth, and site selection projects across a range of sectors, including high-tech, manufacturing, and consumer goods. Previously based in New York City, Michael worked as a research analyst covering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos for Roubini Global Economics Monitor, a leading global economic and market strategy research firm. Michael graduated with a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. During his graduate studies, Michael was awarded a teaching assistantship for the course, Economic Development, as well as a grant to study the Vietnamese language from the Center for International Business Education and Research.