Market Research Laos

Laos' economy has been growing rapidly since the government's reforms in the mid-1980s paved the way for private sector development and encouraged foreign investment. Ever since, Laos has experienced an average growth rate of more than 6% per year, sustaining even through the global financial crisis, with growth rates topping 7.5% each year since 2009. Driven by solid expansion in electricity production for export and a buoyant service sector, growth held up well at 6.8% in 2016. Cambodia is working on a major cross-border railway project which could help strengthen the country’s growth.

Despite this encouraging performance, there are still many uncharted territories open to hungry investors. High foreign investment in hydropower, mining and construction have been the primary growth drivers during this time, along with agricultural commodities and a nascent manufacturing sector.

By undertaking further reforms, such as liberalizing import licensing and trade policies, Laos is doing what is necessary to improve its business environment in order to draw investment and promote growth. This is where Solidiance comes in.

Market Research Laos helps you to understand Laos’ economy by providing market research, market segmentation, market entry and growth strategies needed to enter and expand in Mongolia.

We are a management consulting firm focused in the Asia Pacific region, with expertise in the manufacturing, heavy industrial, healthcare, telecommunication and green tech sectors. We are here to assist you in understanding the Laotian terrain, sizing the market, and identifying the opportunities that Laos offers.

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Some of the Laos market entry and market expansion services we offer:
  • Laos market research
  • Laos market survey
  • Laos qualitative research
  • Laos quantitative research
  • Laos market landscape
  • Market intelligence Laos
  • Laos M&A screening & evaluation
  • Laos medical equipment market research
  • Laos hospital market research
  • Laos competitive intelligence
  • Laos market sizing
  • Laos competitive landscape analysis
  • Laos competitive benchmarking
  • Laos competitor monitoring
  • Freelance market research Laos
  • Laos commercial due diligence
  • Laos industrial market research
  • Laos pricing study
  • Laos competitor sales network analysis
  • Laos B2B Market Research
  • Laos market attractiveness Analysis
  • Laos markets segmentation
  • Laos supply chain analysis
  • Growth strategy Laos
  • Laos telecom market research
  • Laos industrial market research
  • Laos feasibility studies
  • Laos customers analysis
  • Laos distribution channels analysis
  • Laos value chain analysis
  • Laos feasibility studies
  • Laos healthcare market research
  • Laos oil & gas market research
  • Laos construction materials market research